Peer Review Problems & Solutions

by Dr. Richard B. Willner, Executive Director, Center for Peer Review Justice

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Selecting Your Employer Finding the “Least-Threatening” Institution

Selecting Your Employer Finding the “Least-Threatening” Institution Are you a “match” for your employer? There’s more than pay involved. Far more In the next few years, as Obamacare gets further entrenched, and with developments conditioned by MACRA and other threats to private practice, physicians will be considering applying for employment at a hospital or clinic. […]

Due Process Rights

 Medical peer review is the process by which a committee of physicians investigates the medical care rendered by a colleague in order to determine whether accepted standards of care have been met. The professional or personal conduct of a physician may also be investigated. If the committee finds that the physician departed from accepted standards, […]

Terrifying Results of “Physician Peer Review Fraud” (Sham Peer Review)

Regarding “Suspended Physician’s Hearing Put on Hold”  ( AMNews ):  The concept of a patent’s alleged “imminent danger” coupled with legal immunities guaranteed by the federal Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986 ( “HCQIA”) and similar state laws, followed by the Courts’ reluctance it second guess physicians’ “professional” opinions, can lead to terrifying results for […]