Peer Review Problems & Solutions

by Dr. Richard B. Willner, Executive Director, Center for Peer Review Justice

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Selecting Your Employer Finding the “Least-Threatening” Institution

Selecting Your Employer Finding the “Least-Threatening” Institution Are you a “match” for your employer? There’s more than pay involved. Far more In the next few years, as Obamacare gets further entrenched, and with developments conditioned by MACRA and other threats to private practice, physicians will be considering applying for employment at a hospital or clinic. […]

The Exemplary Project

THE EXEMPLARY PROJECT OF THE CENTER FOR PEER REVIEW JUSTICE   If you are aware of a hospital that ignores safety and uses its bylaws to benefit and shield corporate doctors and nurses and retaliates against independent doctors please call the Exemplary Project. If you are an independent doctor who has suffered an unjust report to the National […]

Terrifying Results of “Physician Peer Review Fraud” (Sham Peer Review)

Regarding “Suspended Physician’s Hearing Put on Hold”  ( AMNews ):  The concept of a patent’s alleged “imminent danger” coupled with legal immunities guaranteed by the federal Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986 ( “HCQIA”) and similar state laws, followed by the Courts’ reluctance it second guess physicians’ “professional” opinions, can lead to terrifying results for […]

Civil Liberties and Medical Students

The question before the legislature is should young people be required to sacrifice their civil liberties just to become a physician. Or should these young people choose another course with less irrational legal constraint, like finance for example. Should they be required to sacrifice family life and hundreds of thousands of dollars just to work […]

Physician Brownouts and Hospital Liability Shifting Up Due to Obama Care

I am not shocked to see such a sharp uptick in “Physician Brownout’ sham peer review cases. Physician Brownout is a term he coined to describe a special kind of peer review or professional retaliation which involves liability shifting for nursing error or any of a number of events where a hospitals has liability for […]

Health Care Fraud and Accrual Based Accounting

Let’s be truthful.  “Sham Peer Review” is really ”Physician Peer Review Fraud”. Health care fraud is a double entry system of accounting. We must discipline our thinking to reflect that of the accountant and lawyer so engaged in order to find the crooks and gather evidence of their misdeeds. It is pointless to completely focus on the […]

Natural Born Citizens

You, who worry about democrats versus republicans–relax, here is our real problem. In a Florida State University classroom, they were discussing the qualifications to be President of the United States. It was pretty simple. The candidate must be a natural born citizen of at least 35 years of age. However, one girl in the class […]

Center for Peer Review Justice Supports Coalition to Preserve Patient Choice

Revision of the Any Willing Provider law continues to be the most important statewide legislative issue we face. It is critical that we maintain our support for legislative action that will return the original law to its original intent to protect the private practice of medicine in Idaho. The current law has been interpreted to […]

Message To All Physicians: Action Is Needed!

There was a time not so long ago when Doctors could have disputes with hospitals and simply move on. Nowadays, the hospital uses a fraudulent peer review to destroy the doctor’s career. The reason for this is to control the health care dollar and to diminish the bond of trust between physicians and patients and […]

Celexa Warning

High doses of the antidepressant Celexa can cause abnormal heart rhythms, leading federal regulators to issue a new warning. Celexa should no longer be prescribed at doses that exceed 40 mg per day. According to a drug safety communication issued by the FDA on Wednesday, Celexa side effects can cause prolongation of QT intervals, interrupting […]