Peer Review Problems & Solutions

by Dr. Richard B. Willner, Executive Director, Center for Peer Review Justice

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Due Process Rights

 Medical peer review is the process by which a committee of physicians investigates the medical care rendered by a colleague in order to determine whether accepted standards of care have been met. The professional or personal conduct of a physician may also be investigated. If the committee finds that the physician departed from accepted standards, […]

Terrifying Results of “Physician Peer Review Fraud” (Sham Peer Review)

Regarding “Suspended Physician’s Hearing Put on Hold”  ( AMNews ):  The concept of a patent’s alleged “imminent danger” coupled with legal immunities guaranteed by the federal Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986 ( “HCQIA”) and similar state laws, followed by the Courts’ reluctance it second guess physicians’ “professional” opinions, can lead to terrifying results for […]